The justice department at USA doing their best effort by through the cyber activity on several concerned field of operation. This operation following the GRU(gated recurrent unit)mechanism, which concerned to the neural networking with long  short term memory(LSTM) and it attached to a forget gate. Mentionable it is also the mechanism which deals on certain job along with polyphonic music modeling, language processing and some other vital fields as well. The investigation operation by the USA associating with wide range of cyber attack source with “Facing Bear”. It generally allocating with 22kirova street in Moscow, which is the indictment known as “THE TOWER”.

The followed indictment conveys the number of prosecutions related with against of action on 2018 Olympics and the most known attack of Ukraine, year of 2015. It following the power with shared intelligence, resource and expertise the law of enforcement in the international partnership sectors.


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