Meditation-It is defined as a practice which being involved with some technique used for individual uses which deals with some action in a manner of focusing on a particular thought or activity at a high level of concentration and the such thought always concerned with a set of positivity by omitting the negative thoughts & activities. Mentionable always meditation gives emotionally and mentally form of clearance & also gives the balanced, stabled and calm form of state to the human body and mind. As per the classic records of point of view-meditation is followed by several religious customs and traditions since the primitive periods.

Since a long span of time period meditation is being introduced by several religious people and by their view of customs. Among these Buddhism is the most famous religion, which always keep believes on nonviolence, but never it provides a mandatory regulation for following the self-view of customs. There having lots of incident which proves that Buddhism is really something special than other and the process is very attractive which always highly interpreted form of logic.

Let’s a keep a discussion with an exampled way of explanation regarding Buddhism. The explanation belongs to the time in between 491BC, at the time kingdom Magadha was influenced with violence. Even a father who was famous for his piousness as a king was murdered by his son Ajatashatru. But some facts
is hidden that after murdering to his father “Bimbisara” he was fall with deep state of pain with realisation and got surrendered at Gautama Buddha for mercy. After then Buddha gave some simple tricks for meditation for self-relaxation. He said to the Ajatshatru “peace is ultimate and basic path on meditation which
pulls the deep state of concentration to everybody. So, “you should first learn
the process how to get the peace state of mind and learn how to maintain quietness always.”

Then next part Ajatashatru was knowing on playing veena, so by considering the knowledge skill of Ajatashatru, Buddha said how much the string of veena is smooth-in this way you have to be also a smooth minded people by maintaining the quietness of you. Overall, the basic formula of meditation is maintaining
quietness by interpreting the peace with such ultimate guided path.



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