All the planet belongs to a systematic rule of regulation, regarded as the solar system. Where all the planet being regulated with respect to the gravitational force of action and dependent to the sun for their existence. Among the planet EARTH be the most popular, being referred as the water planet and the 5th biggest planet with respect to the size. Which is also the 3rd nearest planet from the sun. Apart of these planets, having some other extraordinary planet which are the out of the solar system-means that it not satisfying the all concerned rule and regulation, which follows the other general planet. So these are regarded as the exoplanet.



Mentionable among all the exoplanet, KPLER-160 and KOI-456.O4 are the one of exoplanet situate with a companion of form. KOI-456.04 is less than twice of the size of earth and know as the star by revolving around the sun. Then KEPLER-160 be the its companion object, which emits the infrared radiation. There having some similarity in between the earth & these two exoplanets- there are situated from the sun at an equal distance to getting the required temperature for their existence. So it bears the same property for the existence and it be the cause, though in size it will be the twice of the earth but its structure & feature shows the similarity as like a mirror image of earth.



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