A stage at which certain changes follows with a specific ideology by involving upon a set of goals, that is called revolution. Revolution brings the all positive hopes for the society like- to be changed, to be developed and to be refined. Whenever the prevalent superstition & malpractices suppress to the people  near of negativity and gives certain pains by pulling them to the deteriorated sphere, at that time revolution acts as a unique path with conveying form of hope to free from the custom and change the path with well concerned development. In this revolutionary a person or thought stands among on people and society- as the aim, guide & duty for achieving the all desired goals.

Lets a keep a discussion regarding two neighbor country INDIA & CHIN. Recently these two countries are keeping busy with the war by fighting with each other. Otherwise for COVID19 chin is so familiar among all the countries over the world in a negative way of manner. CHIN be the one who in a continues manner keep teasing to India. Before some days chin published its new map where ARUACHALPRADESH was placed over the state area of chin. Then some other against comment for India over the social media, indicates the sort of ill intention of it toward the India. But what comes the outcome with these conflict & fighting. There was a time some of revolutionary leader of these country was establishing some revolutionary way for revolution with a goal of development. May be philosophy of these leader’s not working on now days.

Mahatma Gandhi was the one, who was a keen follower of nonviolence, truth and honesty. His desire was for the changes and development of the people, even struggled a lot for the Indian freedom during English rule. But in all these aim and action he was influencing with the path of nonviolence. As per him achieving the goal is precious but not actually precious that the path we choose to achieve. If it crossover the concerned motto and moral value of path for getting the missionary goal, then it will be not said to be as revolution. For why his ideology famed as SATYAGRAH, means that the interest toward the SATYA (truth & honesty). Otherwise the entire ideology designated to the civil resistance and the nonpolitical forum. On the other part Maoism refers to a party named as Chinese communist party, which formulated by the leader MAO ZEDONG and his associates. This having the motto to brings changes over the society which follows with the way of rebellious and administration vitally concerned with army. During the initialization period of this party on 20th century, the country was so weak with area division and vitally it faced with problem on reunification issue, because of the foreign countries were occupied with the area of its. So chin was needed for independents.That time MAO was the young nationalist who keenly attached with the thought and motto on anti-western. That time he also achieved the success for formulating their mission and thought. Even his party ideology was efficiently working for urban proletarian and their development. Also for the grass root level it keep emphasizing for their development since earlier. No doubt the motto of the founder was majestic but some member has been broke downing its motto by the form violence right now.

Development is always appreciable without losing any one’s life. Destroying is not appropriate step at any cost for bringing revolution. Peace be the thing one, which is most superior than any other curriculum. It can’t crossover the limitation of moral value. Our effort should be conveyed with such intention where the psychology of negative people will be changed and they will free from negativity. Without finishing the negative thing or negative people, the effort should be  for finishing negativity over the world. These all the motto signifies the GANDHIAN IDEOLOGY. But MAOISM right now unable for demising negativity but extending toward on a part where the path fully filled with negativity.



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