Aditya Uddhav Thackeray– politics flowing with his generation. Father UDDHAV THACKERY, grand father BAL THACKERRAY; all are the renowned and famed name over the Maharashtra. Grand father BAL THACKERAY is the founder of SHIV SENA and a frontline leader, who served for the Maharashtra government for a long time of interval. Similarly father UDDHAV THACKERY is the recent chief minister of Maharashtra and himself ADITYA THACKERAY working with the cabinet as the minister for the department of tourism & environment.

This young dynamic person already in a path of some other social & creative activity. After completing the LLB degree he was actively worked with the literature field and has been published several books as a poet and released several music albums as a lyricist. Now he is on political field, recently in the year of 2019 was elected as the member in Maharashtra legislative assembly. Also achieved the position at cabinet as a minister. Appreciated thing that he is only 30 years old but reached on a position where lots of good things definitely happens. We Don’t know the reached achievement how much designates with the outcome of his self laborious deed but it is absolutely right that he is something special.

We can keep a glance toward his recent activity that how he is implementing himself for saving the life of a newly born child during the period of his 30th birthday.  ARZO be the one of infant who is of just 6 days. During the pandemic with the wrath of COVID19 he has been suffering with the severe heart problem & three blockages. In a immediate of manner the poor parents needed with 2lakh amount for the surgery to save the life of ARZO. SHIV SENA received the information during the period of birthday of Aditya. Then Aditya Thackery announced not to celebrate his birthday and generated the fund of amount 1 lakh to save the life of infant ARZO. Really it is great that someone saved another one’s life during the birth day. Though some of the aged people & even aged politician are involved with the dirty politics, not to serve for the people but to get services from the people.









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