A government hospital named SMS in Jaipur is applying robot to fight against corona virus and it delivering services for people by providing food and medicines. The patients who are admitting on hospital they are getting flawless services and medical authority are fully benefited by getting the precious help by putting the robot for the above work. This is the humanoid robot developed on the basic of artificial intelligence(AI) and internet of things(IOT), which can be efficiently navigate on its own way and don’t  requires the line on the floor.

As per the functionality, it will start move toward on a specific bed with the specific ward when it will be operated by the operator with the corresponded server point. Then whenever it running with out-of-power, that time the heads goes toward on the charging point. Mentionable it is the technology assigned with the processing form of human learning capability with the sensory information with acquiring action of perceptual and motor skill. The technology enhancing the functionality of AI in a form of computational model, which follows with the action of computational thinking and satisfies the human behaviours.





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