Racial equality-it is the process with the corresponded facilities, which extended toward the people with equal opportunities over the all races. In ordered of physical traits like skin color and classes division over the society, it be the justified way to give legal, moral, and political equality to the people. In present days on the area of Africa, Asia and US, the people are saved from the such opportunity where this justified action being going on with very improper manner. People of these area not getting the equal facilities in the field of education, employment, politics etc.

Let’s keep a discussion for the history, there was a time when a custom was followed over with the area of African country specifically, that was the slavery. During the period of CIVIL WAR the white people were fully dominant over the black people. The black people are fully dedicated like a machine for their master and the master white people were the such power of authority who can do whatever with the black people. Then some revolutionary leader jumped to the social field and struggled with their voice against the RACIAL INEQUALITY. Like MARTIN LUTHER KING JR & ROSA PARK, these are the people who was struggling for the black people for the RACIAL EQUALITY.

But it is the sorrowful that now in modern age- this inequality system is also having and people are suffering with this stupid custom in now days. Like in between the African & American country, where this injustice process going on like the slavery age. For which recently the most popular and renowned IT organization “GOOGLE” go forwarding toward a step to fight against RACIAL INEQUALITY, even keeping its contribution with 37 million dollar toward the step for racial equality. Where the missionary also goes belong with a digital gate way by the providence of AD. As per the google procedure firstly it granted an amount of $1 million for long-term partnership for providing technical support by through google.org. Apart of it, google granting the AD to help the concerned organization to fight against racial injustice by providing the critical information over the digital gate way.

On this behalf of missionary the CEO of google LLC and ALPHABET,  Mr Sundar Pichai met with a group of Black Leaders for a discussion regarding working strategy & missionary plan. As per the missionary plan he is emphasizing on the social racism and violence. By believing on a team effort, he keeping the hope for the best of action with best of outcome for the social changes.     


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