There having a outstanding technology being on process to develop by the madras IIT faculty. The followed technology can be applied over the running vehicle such as motorcycle, car, buses, vans, rickshaws etc. In the developmental process madras IIT collaborating with some other industry partner. The technology being assigned with the designing process in a scalable approach with both AC and DC power supply and the materials contained with some liquid & gel type of sanitizers.

Mentionable this project has been taken over by DR: Kavita Arunachalam-associate professor at engineering design and some industrial specialist, like Mr Anandraj G. and Mr Rajesh D from M/S Shima Engineering of Chennai. Right now the developmental process reached on the final phase and moving toward on production mode.

The involved process contained over some chemical material with the attachment of certain functionable prototype units which suited over different end-users. It can be discharge over 3 millilitres with the duration of 3 second and applicable over some other field of sector as like the vehicle of application.



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