MUSIC-a defined form of expression and undefined form of intercalated magnifying scenic feel in between the number of soul as well with the atmospheric surround. It conveys the SUR, which expresses the devotion and give such a pleasant of sensation to the surround. Also it conveys the TAAL, Which expresses the continuity and LAYA makes processing on it with a proper regulative manner. There was a time MEERA BAI was a divine lady who was attached with her devotion toward lord Krishna by through only music. Not only she was capable to be attached throughout music but also was deserved for giving such affirmation to the people by through the conveyed form of melody in a replication of weapon to accept the positivity by refusing the negativity. Similarly during MOGOL RULE, TANSEN was one of the legend who was so efficient to changes the surround throughout his singing only. Rainfall, Fire, Lightening and many to many wondered things was occurred in ordered of his singing.

So question comes on mind today from Bollywood to Hollywood, new to new technology developed with the industry. Million to million singer, composer, musician attaching to the music. But is there any bears the such capability like MEERA BAI OR TANSEN. Some modern people may not obey the data regarding TANSEN & MEERABAI and may give appellation to these classic data as constructed story. But they can’t disobey to the science. Scientifically it can be proved that rainfall is possible by music, because a singer gives several frequency with corresponded pitch to the surround at a specified time domain. If the delivered frequency will touch in a rate of microwave range then rain fall is possible and it is only possible by the god gifted skill. All can’t get the such capability. Mentionable the classical music be the only source to do the such wonderful things. Indirectly it is the only way being attached with divinity. But now days where its place???Is there any one keeping interest on this music?? Rarely just few people toward on classical music. All are preferred on mediocre music by influencing on western civilisation. So forgetting to the root and authentic form of music be the of ignorance approach and activity of the people.

We should pay our heartfelt respect to those people who are keep staying with classical music and capable to give the such perspectivity by through a multipurpose developmental activity over the society. We can mention out a name “USTAD MEHOOB KHAN” only by through his incitement a GHARANA formulated “RAMPUR-SAHASWAN”. This be the such glorious gharana which giving to the Indian soil with divine fragrance of classical music by the formulation of involution of numerous legends. Like USTAD INAYAT HUSSAIN KHAN, USTAD HAIDER KHAN, USTAD FIDA HUSSAIN KHAN, PADMA BHUSAN USTAD MUSHTAQ HUSSAIN KHAN, PADMAVIBHUSHAN USTAD GHULAM MUSTAFA KHAN, PADMASHREE RASHID KHAN etc. Mentionable GHARANA be the comprehension of form to define a particular style on classical music and designates certain lineage to any specific style. Rampur-Sahaswan gharana originated from the area of north India, near of Uttar Pradesh. The involve style on this gharana being in a way of low-medium tempo with full-throated singing. Specifically the gharana stress on intricacy approach of rhythm playing and taans. Tarana singing also keen attached to this gharana.

The renowned singers of this gharana include the first and perhaps the foremost disciple of USTAD INAYAT HUSSAIN KHAN & USTAD HYDER KHAN SAHAB. In fact, USTAD HYDER KHAN and his family plays a vital role in upbringing the legacy of this illustrious family as not only him but after his demise, his son USTAD FIDA HUSAIN KHAN and his grandson-the renowned maestro Padma Bhushan USTAD NISSAR HUSSAIN KHAN made sure that the legacy carries forward to the next generation. This generation not only gives a new identity and dignity to the classical music but also gives to the music and film industry some golden name who attached to the industry with their golden and authentic creation. Who are popularised by through their meaningful and heartfelt authentic of creation but not actually gets the fame with their noisy creation. Some name like A.R.Rahaman, Asha Bhosle, Hariharan, Sonu Nigam-who all are the knowledgeable personality and knee observer on classical music. Though professionally attached with light music but they keep skill and knowledge on classical music very efficiently. These all name recordable as the disciple of RAMPUR-SAHASWAN GHARANA. In overall for the culture and music there having such credible dedication being assigned by these golden personality belongs to the rampur gharana and it is the glorious genetic evolution.


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