The well-famed cricketer of world cricket and the god of Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar-An aggregator of rare to rare of record in cricket. Not only in India but also the entire world losing the scenic opportunity to see him on the playground after his retirement. The world gives an appellation to him as the spirit of world cricket, it is only behalf of his good behaviour, honesty and good personality. Apart from cricket Sachin actively works for some other activity like sports training and social works also. For why 100mb established by the effort him, which be one of finest digital media for updating people regarding cricket and also it serves for some other work of social awareness concerned.

As the Indian citizen manically affects with cricket and they never want to lose any chance for cricket. Sachin motivating by through the digital platform 100mb to such people who have an addiction with the cricket. Sachin saying that luck down is the preventing process from the corona. He also said that any cricket lover or player shouldn’t play outside and obey to the quarantine. He is also keeping himself free from his busy schedule and spending time with family member. Even do spending this leaved period at the kitchen by preparing food for his mother.





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